Revealed... New Unique Wordpress Theme With All In One Marketing Features For Onliners And Offliners.

Take The Edge And Set Up Your Own Fully Customized Wordpress Site In Just A Matter of Minutes Only.

As you can see, we have built so many features into one theme. This is the only theme you will ever need, it can be used for any model of online business you might be into and also comes with great features for offline businesses.

We are proud to present to you a Wordpress theme that contains all the desirable features in one package regardless of whether you are an online or offline marketer.

Our goal is to ensure that Wordpress users get the most helpful features they need without putting time and effort into it and also in the easiest possible way, i.e without requiring a complicated dashboard, etc.


Crystal Theme is a premium and stylish Wordpress theme with all the features you will ever need in a Wordpress theme, it enhances customization of your Wordpress sites to your satisfaction.

Crystal Theme
is packed with eye-catching featured entries and a unique layout that is easy to navigate, it is so powerful but has easy administration and all in one theme option panel.

This theme helps to set up and customize web pages you desire without the need for a programming background or technical experience. You have total control and confidence to manage your own web pages. It is time to leverage your time and save huge costs while you focus on taking your business to the next level.

It supports configurable columns, layout options and widget areas, it includes a buckload of action hooks for greater customisability through child theme, and a jQuery slider for your featured posts. You can hide post parameters, show post author's gravatar, specify font styles for header and content texts.

It has a built-in Twitter widget, allows for customisable colours, header and background through the WordPress admin, built-in Ads placement and social sharing buttons, supports custom menu with drop-down navigation!

The codes are written in such a way that you can easily override or add functionality to the theme by using your own child theme without altering the parent theme's code. Seriously, there are too many features to list them all in one go!

Professionally Designed Web Pages With Crystal Theme

Check Out Live Web Pages Created With Crystal Theme Below:

  Niche Blog                           Business Website 
  Squeeze Page                       Sales Page
  Affiliate Review Site            Normal Website

Amazing features that make it Crystal Theme stands out:


 Column & Width Resize Options

Crystal Theme has amazing column options that make your Wordpress site stand out. You can choose to display your sidebar where and however you want it. You reserve the 100% right to decide the number of columns and the layout you want. Crystal Theme makes it easy to adjust the width of your site, the width of your content area and the width of your sidebar.

Header Layout Options

You can easily arrange the layout of your header content, you can decide whether to use a header or hide it. You can set where your site title or logo appears on your header if you choose to use one. You can choose the background colour of your header or upload an image as your header. Another unique feature of Crystal Theme is that you can choose where to have a rounded corner header and set how much you want the edge of your header to be rounded.

Menu Options

It is possible to decide where you want your menu bar to appear, it can be set to appear above the header  or below the header with a cool feature that enables you to set how much you want the corner of your menu bar to be rounded.

Post Display Options

You can now hide your posts date, choose to hide the category of your posts, hide post comment count, hide post tags and more options to choose from. Completely customizing how your posts appear on your web pages is a breeze with Crystal Theme.

Background Image and Color

This theme has a very flexible option for you to add your own background image to your Wordpress site. You might decide to use plain background colour or upload your own background image to make your site look great, you can easily pick the exact colour you want  for your background simply by using the built-in colour picker.

Posts and Links Colour

This powerful Wordpress theme allows you to choose your posts colour and also set what colour would be the good for your post links. You can customize colour for your widget area, slider, block buttons, archive title using the built-in colour picker that you can easily drag and select. The colour picker aids colour coordination and gives you total control over setting matching colour for your Wordpress theme. Nevertheless, you don't need to use the color picker, if you already know the colour you want, you just have to copy and paste the colour code.

Create Pages Options

Save time with our unique feature that allows you to select and create pages instantly for your Wordpress site, Crystal Theme creates pages such as; About, Contact, Privacy policy and Sitemap page in seconds and all these pages come with pre-loaded contents that suit your website information.

Fully Controllable Sliders

  You get access to a custom home page featured slider to showcase your work, services and products with styles, this is powered by already built-in jQuery.  With our simplified slider options, you can disable sliders, enable or disable auto rotation, set number of posts, slider style, slider animation, slider height, slider speed and many more slider features.

Text Style Options

You can choose your preferred text font, text size, line height, text weight, text style and text colour. This enables full customization as to how contents are displayed in your header, content area and around your website.

Social Media & Social Buttons Options

Crystal Theme comes with features that allow you to display your RSS feed and all your social networking icons at the top bar on your Wordpress site, all these icons link to your social media profiles. You also have the feature to display social sharing buttons at the top and bottom of your web pages.

Custom Shortcodes

Crystal Theme has custom shortcodes that allow you to easily grab the attention of your web visitors.  You can display messages with warning icon, error icon, notice icon and important alerts which stand out from other content on your website.

Ads Options

There are so many options available for you to monetize your website. The theme includes advertisement options to display ads on your header, below the header, on single posts, homepage, etc. You can monetize your website with  different  affiliate networks  or your own  products. You can even sell ad space on your website.

Google Custom Search Option

It is now easier than ever to integrate your Google custom search code into your Wordpress site and earn Adsense revenue anytime your web visitors use your Google custom search bar. All you have to do is to grab your Google search code and paste in the space provided within the theme. No programming  knowledge is required.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Options

Crystal Theme enhances the search engine optimization for your website and helps in getting indexed faster in search engines while you rank high in popular search engines. There is a built-in option that allows you to enter site description and your primary keywords, you don't need installation of SEO plugins.

Exclude Page(s) & Categories Options

You can easily hide a particular page or set of pages from appearing on your menu bar. Likewise, you can hide a category or list of categories from appearing on your category widget.

Footer Widget

You can customize the number of columns you want to use on your website, you can choose to add 2, 3 or even 6 footer widgets. This helps you plan your site layout according to your needs.

Google Analytics Options

Crystal Theme automatically places the Google Analytics script in the <head> element to better support the new asynchronous Google Analytics script. This option enables you to use Google Analytics tracking without a need to install any plugin or manually adding it to your site source code.

Preview Option

You can preview your settings you are making to your site without leaving the admin setting page. Therefore, you don't need to switch browser and do the annoying refreshing of web page every time you make changes to the look of your website.


Crystal Optin Form Widget

Crystal Theme makes it easier to integrate your autoresponder into your Wordpress site. The theme has a unique widget to capture leads for your newsletter, free offers and so on. It supports 5 auto responder service providers; Aweber, Getresponse, InfusionSoft, iContact, MailChimp and Imnicamail. Embedding your autoresponder codes is dead easy with this widget, you do not need any formatting before displaying your optin form smartly on your website sidebar. No technical skill is required to achieve this!

Crystal Add Video Widget

The theme comes with an option to add video from Youtube, DailyMotion, Vevo, YahooVideo, Photobucket and Blip TV to your sidebar by using just the video link. You have the option to customize the width and the height of the video on your sidebar.

Crystal Contact Widget

With Crystal Theme, displaying your contact details, telephone number, business opening hours, business address at the sidebar of your website is simple. This is a great feature for offline businesses. It puts their contact information right before their potential and existing customers.

Crystal Twitter Sidebar Widget

You have a feature that displays your latest Twitter status updates from any Twitter username. You can set the number of tweets to display plus the username followers count.

And Lots More Features...

Preferred To See All The Theme Features? Watch The Video Below:

Quick Recap: Load of Powerful features that set Crystal Theme apart from the competition


The simple to use interface allows you to fully customize your Wordpress based on what you want, not what you are limited to. Customizing a Wordpress theme has never been easier. Crystal Theme gives you freedom to customize your Wordpress site to any layout of your choice, you can create an unlimited number of theme layouts for your products and services. All managed with an easy to use interface.

This is just one theme that makes it easy to make multi unique and original custom Wordpress themes with incredible built-in features.


You are no longer at the mercy of web designers or programers before integrating your autoresponder optin form perfectly on your website. Crystal Theme has already been integrated with the 5 most used and effective autoresponder service providers such as; AWeber, GetResponse, ImnicaMail, iContact and MailChimp. This theme makes it easy for you to add an opt in form to your website pages without the need of formatting any HTML code.


The theme supports specified alternative color styles for virtually any part of your web pages, it has styling options for background colour, header, posts, hyperlinks, widgets, buttons. etc


Change settings quickly through the user admin setting page. You will be amazed by the number of configurable options baked into this theme. This theme is developed with easy users' friendly interface that you can easily customise to your satisfaction without any technical or programming knowledge. The theme options are grouped and arranged in such a way that enhances easy full customization that sets our themes apart from the competition.


Designed with search engine optimization in mind, the theme enhances quick site ranking and higher positioning in major search engines, getting you maximum exposure on the web which results in great traffic.


You can quickly make changes to your web pages settings without need to edit your source code, there is no limit to the settings you can apply to your web pages. It is made easy with our WordPress backend theme option's panel.


The theme custom navigation is another great feature of the WordPress core. Crystal Theme allows you to customize your web pages navigation in such a way that makes it easier for your web visitors to nagivate your website.


The theme takes full advantage of the new custom post types functionality that came with WordPress 3.3, so adding slides, social sharing buttons, choosing to display post date is dead easy!


The theme has widgetized 2 sidebars and unlimited footer columns. Crystal Theme comes with 5 custom Widgets (Add video, Optin Form, Contact details, Social Media and Twitter Updates).


Natively support Wordpress plugins. All you need to do is install the plugins and activate them.


You can change the design and general layout of your website site any time you want, Crystal Theme gives you the freedom to easily and comfortably re-design how your site will look to the world without altering the content you already have on the website. Your content remains intact!


We have tried as much as possible to eliminate the use of many plugins, most features of popular plugins are already integrated.


Crystal Theme is W3C standards compliant which means regardless of the browser - Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer - your site renders perfectly.


We have tested Crystal Theme in Wordpress 3.0 or higher. All is perfect and ready for use.


As simple as any other Wordpress theme, the only thing you need is to activate the theme after installation. Once it's activated, just click on Crystal Theme option in the admin menu and start your customization.


Crystal Theme comes with ONE-TIME payment and Free Lifetime updates. NO recurring monthly payment. NO hidden fees. NO limitation to the usage of the plugin. NO charge for each installation. NO membership registration required.

For those who prefer to read the manual before purchasing, you can also download the Crystal Theme manual below:


You can now start to enjoy Crystal Theme with our 30 days money back guarantee

Easy To Use Wordpress Theme Makes Everything Simple

I'm glad, you have seen for yourself how easy it is to use. Everything is laid out in a simple easy to understand format, so that anyone no matter what their level of technical background, can still use the theme with ease.


If you've read this far, I'm sure you can see the value in using Crystal Theme. The next question is what does it cost. We've done our best to make it extremely affordable for anyone to use Crystal Theme. We've broken down our customers into two primary categories to make it easier for you to decide which is best for you.

Single Site License - We have decided to take off single domain use from the options we have. We want to give you an unlimited number of installations on your domains.

Therefore, our introductory pricing option starts from Multi Site License

Multi Site License - $27: If you are like many people online, you have multiple domains and websites. With our Multi Site License, you can use Crystal Theme on every single website and domain you personally own. Most people will fall into this category and at just $27 it's certainly our best deal.

Developers License - $77: We also understand that some people are website developers, meaning you develop websites for clients who could benefit from Crystal Theme. To make your life and your client's life easier, you can include an installation of Crystal Theme on your client's sites with our Developers License.

Download Crystal Theme Today!

Multi Site License

        UNLIMITED use on any sites or domains which you personally own.

         Lifetime Updates

        Best Value!

Developers License

         UNLIMITED use on any site you personally own, plus usage on your client sites.

         Lifetime Updates

         No Brainer Discount!

YES! - I totally understand that there is no other powerful and easier to customize theme than this AND I realize that I can try this out for a FULL 30 days, and if I change my mind then I can get an instant refund on the spot

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Olusegun Balogun

P.S. You will receive free lifetime updates. There are NO other fees and you can install on unlimited Wordpress sites. This means there is no restriction to the usage of Crystal Theme.

P.P.S. You are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! You have 30 day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied - No questions asked!

P.P.P.S. Stop thinking and act now! Grab this opportunity with both hands before time runs out and you get left behind!


What license types do you have?

We currently have single user and developer rights to Crystal Theme and each comes with unlimited installation and use with any monthly or hidden fees. There is no Master Resale Right (MRR) and Private Label Right (PLR) to Crystal Theme.

What rights of usage are available?

There is no Master Resale Right (MRR) and Private Label Right (PLR) to Crystal Theme. Therefore, you CANNOT sell or distribute Crystal Theme in any form or modify Crystal Theme to satisfy your own use without right from the copyright owner.

What are the requirements to run Crystal Theme?

It is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome or IE8+
PHP 5.2 or higher
Wordpress 3.0 or higher
MySQL 4.0 or higher

Is Crystal Theme SEO friendly?

Yes, Crystal Theme is a very SEO friendly Wordpress theme, built with recent Google algorithm updates in mind.

What should I do next after downloading this theme?

You need to install Crystal Theme on your Wordpress site. Detailed information on how to install and set it up has been downloaded with the theme.

More questions? Please check out our FAQ Section of our Support Forum or send your support questions to the email below.

Email Support: support [at]

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